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I can't list ALL the services I offer, but here's an overview. Attention to the most minute detail is what sets me apart from other
repairmen. I strive for perfection, and take all the time to the job right, the first time. Click on the service for a more detailed description.
The action of the guitar is adjusted optimally for your technique. Reccomended for beginner guitars, as they usually come
high, or guitars that haven't been setup for a while, or sat around in the closet. Many experienced players have a feel they're
going for, which the factory doesn't do since they don't know ahead of time who will be playing the instrument. I don't
believe in the one-size-fits-all setup.
Fret Dress:
A "fret dress" is required when the frets are uneven, or have divots worn into the frets, preventing optimal setup.
If a fret is higher than the one before it on the neck, the string will vibrate on that fret when the string is pressed on the
fret behind it, creating unwanted sounds. Frets with worn spots have the same problems. I can fix it. Many people sell
or trade their instruments thinking they're worn out, or have a problem, when a fret dress is all it needs!
Also called a "fret job" by some people.The old frets are removed and new ones installed. Includes a bone-nut.
Cheaper than a whole new instrument, usually, at least one worth re-fretting anyway.
I provide a full range of electronics services, including pickup installations and service (acoustic and electric),
shielding, cleaning, replacing worn components, and complete system installations. I can install side-mount
preamps into acoustics that don't have one, or enlarge an existing hole for a completely new preamp.
I can shape and install bone or legal ivory components into any acoustic or electric guitar. Both improve
the tone of acoustic instruments and are much harder than the plastic used in virtually every acoustic manufactured
today. The original saddles are mass produced generically, my bone/ivory saddles are custom fitted and shaped for
optimal playabilty, and compensated for improved intonation.
A structural repair is any repair that is done to strengthen a weakened or broken component of the wooden aspects
of the instrument. Examples are: broken headstocks, loose internal braces, lifting bridges, or cracked tops.
Some are routine and expected, such as the lifting bridges on acoustics (which have to be removed and repaired before
being reglued), and some not so routine ( I repaired a Strat that had been dropped flat and shattered into 17 pieces).
All require evaluation, as sometimes there may be an underlying problem causing the structural failure. Most can
be repaired back to original, and often even greater, strength and stability.
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